Russell to Host 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Russell has been announced as the host of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards which will air live from Los Angeles on June 3 at 9 pm.

Jesse Ignjatovic, executive producer of the show, had this to say about Russell:

I think Russell’s the perfect host for this show. He’s a movie star. He’s probably one of the most brilliant stand-ups that I’ve seen in his time, and he’s a rock star.

Whatever we end up creating around him within the show, he brings that danger thing as well. We’d love for the show to live there, where you don’t know how he’s going to react to something in the moment. He’s so sharp and witty and on his game that that’s an exciting place to live.

He has amazing comedic chops. He’s brilliant. He touches all of the areas that I think are important to us. Add to that I think he’s one of the most professional people I’ve worked with in terms of comedians. He’s well-studied and very dedicated to his craft. I think we’re very fortunate that he said ‘yes.’

Well, I kind of think Russell is too good for MTV, but I can’t argue with the rest of those comments!

It’ll be good promotion for Rock of Ages and Brand X as well, both of which come out in June.

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4 Responses to “Russell to Host 2012 MTV Movie Awards”

  1. ashley says:

    award shows are such a thankless job. bless him.

  2. BAT says:

    the links on the side should be linky link not linky linky. to keep with the theme of booky wook, its not booky wooky. also this is great news. will definitely watch just cos hes host now.

    • starleigh says:

      BAT, thanks for your input but the “Linky Linky” is not based directly on Booky Wook. It’s based on something Russell and Matt used to say in the older radio and TV shows. Like when talking about getting sacked from a job, one of them would say “Sacky sacky!” Or when Russell was insinuating that Noel Gallagher might be not answering the phone because he was drunk, he said “I don’t want to cast any aspersions, but I think maybe since Sara’s away … drinky drinky! Cannot cope with lonely lonely!” And then there’s the infamous episode of RE:Brand called “Wanky Wanky.” There are many more examples of this in Russell/Matt history and for some reason, the only thing I could hear in my head when thinking of the links section for this page was “Linky linky!” in that particular voice they use!

      He used to refer to his in-progress book as “my booky wooky” at times as well as “my booky wook” before it was officially named, and presumably ended up thinking it sounded better the 2nd way. Believe me, I’m well aware of the official title of the book, but I just chose to use the other variation of that particular naming quirk that he’s used over the years. 🙂

  3. susan says:

    i cannot wait for the show! i dont usually watch award shows unless someone i like will be there. at least since this is the movie awards russell can show more of his creative side especially since ur supposed to make fun of the nominated movies.

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