Video: Brand X Writing Room

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Here’s a cool behind-the-scenes video of what goes on in the writing room for Brand X.

I found this video via a new Facebook page called Brand X Rebranded – they’re posting some cool stuff from the tapings and post-show meets. Check it out here!

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4 Responses to “Video: Brand X Writing Room”

  1. Christine says:

    I like it when his hair is up like that – although the Fail would have a field day with that, what with every other bloody thing he wears. It suits him.

  2. Louise says:

    He does look good like that, proper thoughtful and spiritual. The Fail would no doubt run a bonanza “article” on that – I should stop looking but I have this dreadful compulsion – they just ran piece about how the soles of his feet were dirty from walking barefoot on the street. I sent them a comment to the effect that the dirt is purely from the road surface, it doesn’t emanate from his soul, unlike with their writers. They hadn’t published my comment last time I looked….wonder why?

    • starleigh says:

      “…it doesn’t emanate from his soul, unlike their writers” – hahahh, nice one Louise. 🙂

      Seriously, what a stupid thing for them to write an article about. He took off his shoes, the bottom of his feet got dirty, the way anyone’s feet would. How is that any sort of comment on what kind of person he is? Are they seriously trying to imply that his feet were dirty because he doesn’t wash and they were dirty when he left the house that morning? *eyeroll*

  3. Louise says:

    Star, the DM has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, to the extent that the Guardian have picked up on DM’s appalling grammar…(no need to post this, if we don’t want a full-blown discussion on DM, but this is quite funny)

    From the Guardian:

    “Tight jeans worn by Russell Brand is giving men twisted testicles!” screamed the Daily Mail – warning of an epidemic of “low sperm count and bladder weakness” among young males. We presume they mean tight jeans “of the kind” worn by Russell Brand “are” – visions of Brand’s denim clothing leaping from his frame and scurrying across the hipster capitals of the globe damaging the nether regions of innocent men is almost too much to take.”

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