Video: Russell on Chelsea Lately

Here’s Russell promoting ‘Brand X’ on Chelsea Lately.

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4 Responses to “Video: Russell on Chelsea Lately”

  1. lorna keay says:

    This is the funniest and most relaxed interview I’ve seen him do in a while…he just seems really happy doesn’t he?…Shame it was so short.

    • Alice Tracey says:

      I thought he wasn’t relaxed. It was very awkward. The host was so poor at interviewing & rather rude. I really don’t think he wanted to be there at all….

    • starleigh says:

      I’m not a fan of Chelsea Handler, but she didn’t bother me in this interview. She wasn’t snarky or rude to him like the last time he was there. They actually seemed to get along well. So I agree with Lorna, he seemed relaxed and it was a good (short) interview. I think the Conan one was the best of the recent ones, though.

  2. Alice Tracey says:

    He got that Blackpool Rock thing from me! I said that I bet he was feeling like a stick of B’pool with ‘Britain’ running right the way through him because of a glut of American 4th July patriotism. The name of the particular seaside resort from which a stick of rock originates runs through it, so however much of it you have consumed, you still see the name on the end of it. Amaaaazing! Don’t they have that in America? He would’ve gone to Margate, Clacton or Brighton as a kid surely, not Blackpool (which is in the north & was were I went as a kid). That host is a talentless, ghastly wench! What the feck is she doing on TV!? Down to nepotism methinks! I once had chance to go to his party at Edinburgh Festival & DIDN’T GO! #MustHaveBeenWashingMyHairThatNight #Shit
    Anyway I was right, the poor love is feeling all patriotic & homesick…hurry home Russy Wussy! This sceptred isle is missing you! ‘Tracey Allis’ x Kubla Khan.You’re so like STC & last stanza is you. He’ll not actually read this will he? Ah well…..

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