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  1. soye says:

    i really like when in the second bit kimmel was tryin to make it seem all hollywood weirdness with the instructor being around, he caught wind of it and dispelled it then and there saying ‘its not like hollywood and i’m in a candle lit room…’ just cos he’s giddy and always full of life i think people try to find all sorts of ways to try nd get an insight to his personality. personally i think they should just accept that he is a Genius, makes everything simpler lol

  2. judy says:

    Thanks Star! How did I miss that? He is really doing a lot of promotion this week. I wonder why they didn’t do that earlier?

  3. Alice Tracey says:

    I think he’s possibly Coleridge reincarnated (being slightly ironic but you never know!), he even says stuff like STC – who said most of what exists in the universe is invisible. Perhaps I should use the term ‘multiverse’ since reading about M Theory in the realm of quantum physics. Parallel universes & all that….
    Russell was so witty & eloquent here; enjoyed listening to him…..
    …but WHO sends out those @rustyrockets tweets though! Not him, at least some of the time. American spellings abound & the last one I saw said “God bless you, Mom! Watch tonight!”
    I thought is he calling his mum, ‘mom’ now (She wouldn’t be happy with him changing it after 37 years)? Then I realised it was about Her Madge the Queen, so it should have been ‘ma’am’.
    Seriously, Russell, you don’t send out THAT many tweets to the world at large. Can’t you just check ’em before they’re sent…or get someone else to do it. It’s embarrassing.
    Love you LOADS Russy Pussy; please, please stay humble!!! Greetings from our ‘demi-paradise’ (‘cos the other half’s flooded) xxxxxxxx @RubbyBobbles P.S The only bit of the Olympics I ever really liked was the opening & closing ceremonies; middle bit’s a bit boring!

    • starleigh says:

      I agree about the tweets — I actually stopped following him (on my personal account, not the Rustyboots one) because I can’t stand the fact that they’re not personally written by him anymore. He apparently has some American assistant who types what he says and posts it, but they don’t know how to spell things that are British or they just use the American spellings. “God bless you, Mom” is cringeworthy!! Everyone knows he always says that about the Queen, and it’s obviously supposed to be “Ma’am” not “Mom” which is a word Russell would never use, even in a different context! Having some idiot run your twitter for you is not very authentic, Russell, not cool at all.

  4. Caffrin says:

    I AM a man who wears silver jackets!

  5. patzin says:

    I noticed a Part 3 on YouTube – fyi. Good time with JK – sorry I missed the original broadcast of it. Thanks for posting.

  6. Danielle says:

    I dig the Coleridge observation. Also, I don’t see anything terrible about the fact that he doesn’t tweet; I just don’t understand why he has one if he doesn’t keep it up himself. Shameless self-promotion, I suppose, but then it would make more sense just to make a twitter for his show, etc.

    • starleigh says:

      Danielle – yes, that’s the main thing that bugs me. If he’s not gonna tweet his own stuff then why have it come from his personal account? Especially since there’s a precedent of him tweeting personally in the past from that account, answering fans & so forth. It seems false to keep the account the same but not have him doing it anymore. People think its him & it’s not.

  7. Alice Tracey says:

    Perhaps he deliberately let the ‘mom’ instead of ‘ma’am’- when talking about the Queen – pass as a kind of surreptitious signal to us that his twitter has been taken over! I noticed some Americanisms before so had started to suspect as much. It’s a shame he’s let that happen ‘cos the tweets are few & far between anyway. He’s coming home for a while soon…..maybe he’ll do his own tweets then.

  8. Louise says:

    Just to add to this – it’s also potentially dangerous to have someone else tweet on your behalf. I’ll have to tell this on a no-names basis, but a family friend is P.A. to a very famous comedian. She was logged on Twitter as him, but temorarily forgot and was thinking she was logged on as herself. She wrote that she thought X [very famous public persona on both sides of the pond] was an *sshole, and posted that in the comedians name, not her own. Fortunately, she realised, and managed to obliterate it before any big damage was done. But if the tabloids had gotten hold of that……would the line “that wasn’t me that was my PA” have really washed?

    • Alice Tracey says:

      That’s really funny. Would love to know who it was! I suppose the comedian would have had to claim he/she was being ironic & wacky or something.

  9. Louise says:

    Alice Tracey, the PA is quiet relaxed telling this tale over a few beers at bbq’s, all names mentioned! – but obviously I don’t like post out of sheer caution. She’s met and mingled with many of our top comedians, but not RB directly as far as I am aware, otherwise she would have had a triple interrogation from me 10 times over……

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