Interview: Russell on Howard Stern

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13 Responses to “Interview: Russell on Howard Stern”

  1. ashley says:

    i don’t really share russell’s respect for howard stern at all – though i can understand from a professional standpoint where he’s coming from – that said i was so impressed with russ and the way he handled this interview. i guess the katy topic is what people who only know of him peripherally want to hear about, but i was still exhausted by how often the point was belabored. i did like russell’s reaction to the “wheelchair porn” rumor, because i remember reading that and thinking that he would probably find it hilarious if he heard it.

    still, i think of russell as quite a sensitive person i guess and i felt bad for him throughout the majority. i can’t follow the narrative that just because he’s a man he doesn’t have emotions concerning the breakdown of his marriage. i thought playing that song was particularly cruel (for more reason than one, but that’s neither here nor there). he was a good sport though, and managed to come out smelling like a rose, dodging every bullet. love him, can’t wait for brand x tonight.

    • starleigh says:

      I’m divided on this — as a fan of Russell, I definitely agree that the Katy subject was beyond belabored in this interview, and I absolutely agree with the points that Russell was trying to make about the cultural obsession with celebrities and their personal lives. That’s a pet peeve of mine. If this were anyone else interviewing him like that, I would be appalled. But I cut a little slack for Howard because, like Russell, I respect him. I’m not someone who listens to him all the time or anything, but I’ve listened to him enough to know that he’s a really decent guy and he genuinely does love Russell. He’s very smart as well. But he’s built a career out of pushing the envelope and asking personal questions, and that’s just what he does. He’s allowed to ask these questions, because he’s Howard Stern. Howard has mellowed a lot with age and he is actually pretty sensitive himself. Also, I don’t think Russell is really hurt by any of it — he knows what to expect of Howard and he can handle it, mainly because he knows there is no malice behind it.

      That being said, I am glad Russell didn’t take the bait and held firm to his resolution to not say anything hurtful or overly revealing. Not that I would ever expect anything else of him — as fans, we know what Russell’s character is and that he’d never trash talk an ex, or anyone else. I said that all along, when stupid tabloids were reporting that he was “already writing Booky Wook 3” and that it would spill all the secrets about Katy. Yeah, right. That’s just not him.

      I’m glad he is in such a good place with his commitment to yoga & meditation and his overall serenity. He sounds happier than he’s ever been.

  2. ashley says:

    I agree with you Star. The things you pointed out about Howard are all true, and he seems like a decent human being. I shouldn’t have used the word “respect”, because I do respect him as a person and his ability of his broadcast. What tends to bother me about him is that he’s often very sexist in a way that puts me off. It’s an interesting juxtaposition having Robin in that environment though, and I appreciate her. In regards to Russell I think you’re right on the money. He seems happier than ever and definitely didn’t seem outwardly hurt by anything that happened. I’m sure he knows they’re coming from a place of mutual respect and that in a sense, Howard is just doing his job. I thought Russ’ tweet about the interview was sort of funny though. I couldn’t work out if he was being sarcastic or not, ha!

    • starleigh says:

      I think he was definitely being cheeky with the tweet afterward!

      Howard used to bother me and I thought he was sexist too, but I really think he’s evolved a lot. He’s happily married (for the 2nd time now) and has 3 daughters, so I think a lot of the macho stuff on the radio is just his schtick. I watched some episodes of “America’s Got Talent” this year because he’s one of the judges now, and I’m always struck by how intelligent and sensitive he is toward the contestants. Oh, and earlier in the same episode of this radio show where he had Russell on, he was talking about how his beloved bulldog passed away yesterday and it was SO moving, I started crying! Howard really is a good guy. And so is Russell. I would like to see them become friends in real life!

    • starleigh says:

      P.S. Did Russell say near the end, when listing the things in life that he’s happy about, that he has a “wicked cat”? That made me laugh. Good old Morrissey.

  3. Frances says:

    Robin Quivers is an ass

    • starleigh says:

      I like Robin, but I thought her comment about how Russell couldn’t be a good parent was way off base. He’d be a great parent! As he tried to point out, his public image isn’t the same as his real life, so there’s no basis for someone who doesn’t really know him to say he wouldn’t be a good father.

  4. I enjoyed this interview because Howard is always straight forward and asks what people want to know – that’s his thing. I think Russell handled it admirably but went into it knowing there would be some tough questioning. Let’s face it Howard is not the pusillanimous type of interviewer. I am pretty sure from previous interviews with Howard, that he knew there would be some difficult questions. What does erk me a wee bit is that Howard frequently speaks over the top of Russell so it;s hard to hear what was actually said.
    I think Russell remains one of the great inspirations for the rest of us – oh to be so calm, collected, humorous and good-natured about a difficult time in his life. This is why we are mega Russell Brand fans!

  5. TabeaAurora says:

    I agree with you all that Russell handeled the interview very well – absolutely the way I expected it. Thought it was incredibly funny when he said that there’re wheel marks on his lawn. 😀
    See, I missed that part about his Morrissey… How old is Morrissey, does anyone know?
    I really didn’t like the comment by Robin about Russells future qualities as a father – to me this really was evidence that Robin doesn’t get and knows Russell at all whereas Howard – as for me – knows Russell at least a little better.
    I also listened to Howard talking about his beloved pet and it was quite heartbreaking for me too – so boiling it down I think he really is a good guy and I really like his straight forward questions.

  6. Jack Chapple says:

    These people are utterly vile, rude, insensitive human beings. Glowing examples of the proponents in the media pushing the vacuous, meaningless, hate inspiring rhubarb that Russell fights against in the media.


  7. Jennifer says:

    Fascinating comment. Howard Stern as hate monger? Hardly. He is not motivated out of malice. In reality, Howard was playing slow pitch in this interview because they’re on the same team. After what Russell’s been up to in the last three years, Howard was being easy on him. Good interview this time, the first one was horrendous.

    • starleigh says:

      Yeah I have to agree with Jennifer. Howard Stern is not motivated by hate or malice. If he was, Russell wouldn’t talk to him or let him get away with asking those questions. On the surface, I can see how it would seem offensive that he’s asking these personal questions, but Russell takes it in stride because he knows they’re “on the same team” as Jennifer said.

    • Jack Chapple says:

      Maybe I just don’t get this American humour, but here in blighty we stand for a different system of values! Well, I think most people over here would consider these people to at least be impolite… You can tell Russell gets upset by some of the questions and I take my hat off to him for handling those sorts of enquiries so well.

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