Video and Photos: Russell Performs at the Olympics

“Pure Imagination / I am the Walrus” at 2012 London Olympics.

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13 Responses to “Video and Photos: Russell Performs at the Olympics”

  1. Thom Aitken says:

    I thought Russell did so well last night, the first time I heard he would be singing an iconic song such as I am the Walrus, I was apprehensive because of possible backlash but he did very well and somewhat reprised his role as the drug pusher from the AKA what a life video

  2. BAT says:

    not his thing.

  3. Alice Tracey says:

    Perfect for Russell!!! I was suprised to be told that coverage in the US was edited & has commercial breaks! WTF? My pal in Texas said they missed out Ray Davies (The Kinks) singing Waterloo Sunset & The Who…unbelievable!
    Russell’s mum tweeted me when she got home…so excited & proud…and deservedly so! Where would he be now without such a wonderful mum? God bless themxxx

  4. had to record the ceremony as was at work in NZ but so loved seeing this bit tonight – so glad Rusty got a chance to be part of it with his amazing voice – brilliant stuff!
    Simply proud to be British!

  5. Louise says:

    The atmosphere in East London was amazing. I live near the stadium, my friend lives even nearer. We watched most of the ceremony in HD in her apartment, (with extra sound through the open balcony windows!). Towards the end we went out and watched it from the end of the street, and caught the fireworks first hand – from that vantage point we could see right into the stadium and watch one of the screens. I was delighted to hear Ray Davies do Waterloo Sunset, as I (until then) couldn’t understand for the life of me why that wasn’t included in the Opening Ceremony. And Russell of course. A friend who worked as a security guard on the Olympic site was with us. He said that once the events were over, hormones and pheromones were absolutely rife on that site, with all kinds of “goings on”. Russell looks as if he is already soaking it up in pic 23! . Seriously, he looks good, he’s a showman and he can hold a tune. The choice of John Lennon lyrics suited him perfectly, a combination of the surreal, the spiritual and the earthy. He’s our “elementary penguin singing Hare Krishna….”;)) [and you can almost hear “Petulant Peter” (Hitchens) moaning “how come HE gets chosen to sing and I DON’T :(( ]

    • Alice Tracey says:

      Yes, absolutely! Enjoyed reading your comment, glad you enjoyed being so close to the action!
      Your final observations sum up the situation perfectly. The Walrus could have been written for him!

  6. sylvia says:

    I think he was great for me he was the best, to many people knock Russel i think he is a sweet heart and done us proud xxxxx

  7. danny says:

    That was a great honor for Russell. They could have picked anyone. I’m sure Noel Gallagher was having a laugh.

  8. LynnM says:

    I thought he did fantastic. I love how he still wore his ‘everyday’ boots with the costume!

    New here, kind of new to Russell but have read the books, seen the interviews, listened to radio podcasts, etc., etc., and I’ve enjoyed making my way through the archives here. Thanks for this site Starleigh!

  9. Caffrin says:

    Nice to see the old team of Nicola and Gee (pic 24). And Russell got to meet Ed Sheeran! I love him.

    Thanks for posting this video!

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